Meena Kumari Came Close To Gulzar Even After Getting Married Handed Over Her Most Valuable Things To Him

Meena Kumari and Gulzar: Bollywood’s tragedy queen Meena Kumari had made a place in the hearts of crores of people with her beauty and acting. He worked in more than one film in Hindi cinema. At the same time, apart from films, Meena Kumari was also often in the headlines for her personal life. Meena Kumari was married to the famous director of her era, Kamal Amrohi. According to media reports, after marriage, the name of the tragedy queen was also very much discussed with Dharmendra and famous writer Gulzar.

Let us tell you that Meena Kumari was very fond of writing poems and poetry. Not only this, he also learned the qualities of poetry from Kaifi Azmi. According to media reports, Meena Kumari came close to Gulzar because of her hobby. It is said that the two had a friendship during the shooting of the film ‘Benazir’. At the same time, the marriage of Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi also started fading after some time. According to media reports, Meena Kumari’s husband Kamal Amrohi never appreciated her poetry. But many people used to praise his poetry very much, one of which was Gulzar.

At the same time, Meena Kumari was battling a disease called liver psoriasis. However, in the last days of her life, the actress signed the film ‘Mere Apne’ because of Gulzar. Due to illness, she was not able to shoot this film, but on Gulzar’s behest, Meena Kumari somehow completed the film. Apart from this, before his death, Meena handed over all the poetry she wrote to Gulzar. At the same time, Gulzar published the poetry of Meena Kumari under the name ‘Shayari of Meena Kumari’.

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