MP: Pickup vehicle full of illicit liquor seized, cost in lakhs, 2 accused including driver arrested

KhargoneDuring checking, the Karahi police station of Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh caught a pickup vehicle filled with illicit liquor worth about four and a half lakh rupees. Police have detained two accused including the driver. Illegal liquor was going from Mandleshwar to Barwah.

The police have also seized 1068 liters of illegal English, country liquor along with beer cans in 108 cartoons. During this, two accused running in Swift car escaped after smuggling illegal liquor. Police is interrogating the arrested accused regarding illegal liquor mafia.

The police suspect that some gang or network may have links to this case of smuggling of illicit liquor. Karhi police station in-charge Parmanand Goyal said that information about smuggling of illegal liquor was received. The pick-up vehicle has been caught at the Katargaon gate in Karahi after doing blockade. Illegal liquor worth about Rs 4.5 lakh has been seized.

Police is interrogating both the arrested accused Kalu and Rohit. Where the liquor is going, whoever is behind it, they will also be caught. A Swift car was raking a vehicle full of illicit liquor. As soon as the police caught the vehicle full of illicit liquor, two people sitting in the car doing the racket ran away. After interrogating the accused, the liquor owner and other accused will also be caught soon.

first published:Jan. 31, 2022, 11:47 p.m.


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