BTS: BTS band member Jimin got corona, Big Hit Music gave information. BTS: BTS band member Jimin got corona, Big Hit Music gave information

Mumbai. The havoc of Corona Virus is increasing continuously, due to which many big stars have also come under its grip. At the same time, now a big news has come about BTS Band, due to which the fans of BTS Band have got a big shock.

BTS Band has a tremendous fan following and their songs are famous everywhere. BTS band is so famous that its songs are covered as soon as they come. At the same time, now a big news related to this band has come out in which it has been found that the member of BTS band Jimin has been found to be Corona positive, after which Big Hit Music has found Jimin. (Jimin Corona Positive) Information about being corona positive has been given on social media and it has been told that Jimin Corona has been infected.

Jimin on January 30th (Jimin) He was having some problem in his throat as well as he had stomach problem, after which he was taken to the hospital and his report came corona positive after getting PCR test done. BTS issued a statement saying that, for them they have members first but Jimin will recover soon. With this, the BTS band has appealed to everyone to be alert and take precautions and said that whoever has met Jimin and come in contact with him should get his test done.

That’s where Jimin from this news (Jimin) His fans are wishing him a speedy recovery and praying for him. Let us tell you, earlier BTS band members Suga (Suga), Jim (Jim) and RM (RM) also became victims of corona, after which all had quarantined themselves and after recovery gave their health report. After which there was a lot of happiness among the fans.

first published:Feb. 1, 2022, 11:51 a.m.

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