Budhwar ke Upay: These measures have miraculous benefits on Wednesday, Maa Lakshmi will come home with Lord Ganesha.

Budhwar Ke Upay: Today is the first Wednesday of the month of February 2022 and the third Wednesday of the month of Magha. According to the belief, where Wednesday is related to the planet Mercury, in the scriptures, Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva. There are many such measures in the scriptures that are done on Wednesdays to please Ganesha. If some measures are taken on Wednesday, then the grace of Lord Ganesha can be found. According to the belief, worshiping Vidnaharta i.e. Lord Ganesha on Wednesday gives special benefits.

It is said that they are worshiped before starting every work, so that every work can be completed without any hindrance. According to Shri Ganesh Samhita, Mangalmurti Ganesh is the first among all the gods to be worshiped because of his acumen and wisdom.

Mangalmurti Shri Ganesh ji is worshiped first of all the gods, it is said that just by meditating on him, all the problems of a person’s life are solved. For this reason, before starting any auspicious work, Shri Ganapati ji is not only invoked, but special worship is also offered to him.

It is believed that if there are money related problems or any other problem, then worshiping Lord Shri Ganesh ji on Wednesday gets rid of every problem. Today we are going to tell you about some remedies to get his grace.

this day ‘Gam hain klaun glau uchchhistganeshay mahayakshayayan bali:’ or else “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” The chanting of the mantra removes all the troubles and the financial condition of the person also becomes good.

According to the Narada Purana, there are 12 names of Ganesh ji – Sumukh, Ekadanta, Kapil, Gajakarnak, Lambodar, Vikata, Obstacle-Nash, Vinayaka, Dhumraketu, Ganadhyaksha, Bhalchandra, Gajanan. By chanting these 12 names of Shri Ganesh ji 108 times on Wednesday morning and evening, all the obstacles are destroyed.

According to astrology, by meditating on these twelve names of Lord Shri Ganesha on Wednesday, Lord Gauri Nandan Ganesh is pleased with his devotees quickly. Therefore, if you want to please Ganpati ji, then worship Ganesha according to the law in the worship of your home and by meditating by chanting his twelve names 108 times, all the work becomes successful.

Surefire Remedies for Wednesday (Budhwar Ke Upay)

– Visit Ganeshji’s temple on Wednesday.

Offer green durva to Lord Ganesha.

Feed green grass to the cow every Wednesday.

Offer vermilion to Ganesha on Wednesday. Offering vermilion to Shri Ganesh removes all the problems and solves all the problems.

Offer jaggery in Ganesh temple till 7th Wednesday, your wish will definitely be fulfilled.

Wear Ganesha Rudraksha to get full fruits of hard work and remove obstacles.

Offering moong laddus to Lord Ganesha and praying him to pass in all kinds of exams.

first published:Feb. 2, 2022, 6:25 a.m.



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