Gloria Camila and Rosa Benito, nostalgic, join Rocío Carrasco in recounting their experiences in Montealto

It’s already noon · Gloria Camila

Gloria Camila and Rosa Benito, just a few hours before Rocío Carrasco reappears in ‘Montealto, I return to the house’, have gone back to the time they lived there

Gloria Camila and Rosa Benito have been this afternoon in ‘It’s already 8’, just a few hours before the premiere of ‘Montealto, I return home’. The collaborators have been expectant before the new tribute that Rocío Carrasco is going to pay to Rocío Jurado. Inevitably, the aunt and sister of tonight’s protagonist have seen how the fact that the artist’s house is going to be recreated has stirred up many emotions. Both lived many moments in this house in La Moraleja and to be able to remember those moments through recreation It’s something they’re excited about. This has been demonstrated by recounting some of the issues they remember about that home that left so many good times in the family and from where they would never have imagined being as they are now.

Rosa Benito has recalled that Rocío Jurado was a very orderly person and that he liked to have everything super controlled in Montealto. In addition, he has gone back to some of the family moments that were lived there and that he now keeps well in his memory, such as meetings in the garden, baths in the pool or some very special evenings. And although Gloria Camila did not live there for many years of her life, she has joined the beautiful memory of Rosa Benito and has commented on many curiosities of her childhood.

Glory Camila

Gloria Camila in ‘It’s already 8’.


Gloria Camila has revealed some issues from her childhood such as he was afraid of the forest that he saw from the window of his bedroom in the Montealto house, or how her mother renovated her sister Rocío Carrasco’s bedroom so that it would become hers. In addition, she has joined Rosa Benito’s version that the kitchen was one of the artist’s favorite places, where she loved to supervise everything. Ultimately, both They have very good memories of this house that Rocío Carrasco is going to recreate tonight.


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