Gupt navratri 2022 Upay do these astrological measure on gupt navratri

Gupt navratri 2022 Upay- India TV Hindi
Gupt navratri 2022 Upay


  • Gupt Navratri is starting from 2nd February
  • This remedy will be auspicious in Gupt Navratri

Gupt Navratri begins from the Pratipada of Magh Shukla Paksha. Therefore, Gupt Navratri of Magh month will start from 2nd February and will end on 10th February. This festival of Navratras is one of the major festivals celebrated in our India, which is also mentioned well in the Puranas.

According to Acharya Chanakya, in the Puranas, four Navratras are mentioned in total in a year in the months of Chaitra, Ashadha, Ashwin and Magha, but in the months of Chaitra and Ashwin. Navratras It is celebrated prominently. There is a law to do the remaining two Navratras for the practice of tantra-mantra. That’s why they have no importance in the lives of common people.

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By taking some special measures on the occasion of Gupt Navratri, you can prove your every work by getting the grace of Maa Durga. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash what measures will have to be auspicious.

Do these remedies on Gupt Navratri

  • If you want to get good health along with a lot of progress in your business, then worship the mother cow duly, as well as do some charity for the cows in the cowshed and chant this mantra of Maa Durga 11 times. The mantra is-

Dehi Saubhagyam, Arogyam, the supreme happiness in the body

Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi Yasho Dehi Dwishon Jahi

These 5 things are written in fate in the womb of the mother, even if you want, you can not get rid

  • If you want to maintain your relationship with the seniors or boss in the office, then after retiring from bath etc., first of all, pay obeisance by touching the feet of Lord Ganesha and sit there by laying a seat in front of the Lord. Then chant this mantra of Lord Ganesha 21 times. The mantra is as follows – Shri Ganeshaya Namah.
  • If you are facing any kind of problem in studies or getting admission in a new college, then take a raw coconut and wrap a red cloth or chunri over it. Now expressing your wish to God in your heart, offer that coconut at the feet of Lord Ganesha.
  • If you want to increase happiness and prosperity in your family, then after bath etc., make up the cow mother, apply tilak of roli, offer chunri, offer flowers at her feet and feed the prasad of boiled gram. Also, perform aarti of cow mother with camphor. After this, chant this mantra of Durga Maa 5 times. The mantra is-

Wealth free from all obstacles.
Do not doubt the future of human beings.

  • If you want to make all the work of your family members successful without any hindrance, then show incense in the whole house by placing a piece of camphor on cow’s cow dung and after showing the incense keep it in the south direction of the house.
  • If you want to get the happiness of children, then after taking bath, take a coconut and a quarter meter red cloth. Wrap that red cloth over the coconut and tie it with Kalava 21 times. Now strike the coconut 7 times on you and keep it at the place of worship in the house and if possible recite the Sundarkand. Then while praying to God, take the coconut kept in the temple and throw it in the running water.
  • If someone third is putting obstacles in the happiness of your marital relationship, then today you should take a handful of lentils and touch it with the hands of your spouse seven times to get rid of it. After touching, throw that lentil dal in any clean running water.


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