Hindustani Bhau Arrested: Hindustani Bhau arrested for instigating students, case registered under several sections

Mumbai. ‘Hindustani Bhau’ i.e. Vikas Phatak, who is often in the headlines for his statement, is once again in the limelight. Taking action on Bhau, Mumbai Police has arrested him. Hindustani Bhau has been accused of inciting students to protest. Taking which seriously, the police have also registered an FIR against ‘Hindustani Bhau’ and some others.

Let us inform that on the last day i.e. Monday, students had demonstrated in Dharavi, Mumbai. Whose demand is that the 10th and 12th exams should be made online amid the Kovid-19 crisis. Students were seen protesting against the offline examination. During this, the agitating students also damaged public property.

A case has been registered against ‘Hindustani Bhau’ and Ikr Khan under IPC sections 353, 332, 427, 109, 114, 193, 145,146,149, 188, 269, 270 for this demonstration. The agitators demonstrated not only in Dharavi area but also outside the residence of Maharashtra School Education Minister Varsha Eknath Gaikwad. Students are constantly seen expressing their opposition to the offline examination.

The reason for ‘Hindustani Bhau’ getting caught in this case is his viral video. In which he has been seen expressing concern over making the 10th and 12th class exams offline. It is alleged that after seeing this video of ‘Hindustani Bhau’, the students got agitated and demonstrated. In the viral video, Bhau is seen saying, ‘Kovid-19 has killed many people. People are sitting in the house out of fear, now the Omicron variant has also arrived. The government itself is saying that stay at home, take precautions. In such a situation, I want to ask the government to cancel the offline examination. If this does not happen then my students and I will protest outside Varsha Gaikwad’s house. I will not stop till they get justice.

first published:Feb. 1, 2022, 10:52 a.m.



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