Is Kate del Castillo anti-vaccines? She answers

a few days ago don Eric del Castillo, actress’s father Kate of the Castle, announced that he and his wife have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 for the right to discern on the subject, however, both he and his wife are in good health, quietly isolated, living at home and protecting themselves with alternative medicine.

“I think we are not in a position to judge anything at all”

But he said he was very upset because they have asked him to get vaccinated and that they even no longer invite him to certain events for not doing so. And regarding the fact that Kate del Castillo offered a virtual press conference to promote the premiere of the second season of “La Reina del Sur” through the Telemundo Internacional signal, after having first launched in the United States, the actress was questioned about her parents’ position and also if she recommends getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

“It is very easy to be on one side and be able to judge other people. I am vaccinated twice; I have my way of thinking and my parents have their way of thinking and I’m not going to change them because I can’t change them, and believe me I’ve tried, but that’s right, they don’t leave their house, they think they’re going to be fine , they don’t want to be vaccinated, they don’t want to get the bug, I also didn’t want to get vaccinated, because I said ‘why am I going to get a bug that I don’t have’”.

He also said that it is still too early to judge or say anything about the opinions of others, “because no one really knows where we stand, no one really knows what this virus is, it is just beginning, you don’t know if you can get it again… or what is happening with the vaccines, a lot of vaccinated people have died, the truth is that nobody knows, science is trying to understand what is happening with this virus”, he highlights that it will surely take several more years to know the magnitude of the virus.

And by the way that it transpired that Diego Verdaguer died a few days ago from the aftermath of Covide-19 because it is said that his position was anti-vaccines, Kate lamented the death of the singer. “I greatly regret Diego’s death, I love his family, Amanda and Ana Victoria very much. I think we are not in a position to judge anything at all.”

Finally, Kate makes a recommendation to everyone: “I personally recommend that you get vaccinated, that’s my position”.




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