Moradabad: Twitter account of Moradabad police hacked, police engaged in investigation

While on one hand DGP Mukul Goyal talks about upgrading the police media cell and talks about doing better, on the other hand such a case has come to the fore that you will be surprised to know that Moradabad Police’s Twitter account has been hacked, Uttar Pradesh Police is constantly moving towards modernization, Moradabad Police is working continuously to curb cyber crimes, Moradabad Police is also successful in stopping cyber crime, but an incident has come to the fore in Moradabad, where But the official Twitter handle of Moradabad Police has been hacked by the hackers, on knowing about which there was a stir in the police department. The posts have been deleted, after which the account username and password have been changed again.

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In fact, the official Twitter account of Moradabad Police was hacked by hackers, the account was renamed by the hackers in the name of Tesla Company’s Owner Elon Mask, Moradabad Police’s Twitter handle was renamed after Tesla Company’s Founder Member Elon Mask. From the official Twitter handle, the advertisements of Elon Mask’s company Tesla were being done from the official Twitter handle, as soon as the information was received, there was a stir in the police department, in a hurry by the police personnel present on the social media cell from the Twitter account All the Twitter accounts have been removed, after which the username and password of the Twitter account have also been changed immediately by the police personnel. The Twitter handle of Moradabad Police was changed by hackers in the name of Elon Mask who is the founder member of Tesla Company, some tweets were made by hackers, which was informed as soon as the top police officers Immediately all the tweets made on the account were removed, immediately the user name password of the Twitter handle of Moradabad Police was changed to the account, Moradabad Police is continuously working to rein in cyber criminals, but in the meantime A major cyber attack has been done on Moradabad Police’s Twitter handle, in which Moradabad Police’s Twitter handle has been used by hackers for some time, now it has to be seen how long Moradabad Police arrests those who hacked the Twitter account. The same Giving information about the matter, SP City Akhilesh Bhadoria said that something was posted by a cyber criminal from the Twitter handle, those posts have been removed immediately and the username and password of the account have been changed. An inquiry has been ordered in this matter and action is being taken by the police against the culprits at the earliest.

Report: Metaphor Tyagi


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