Netflix premieres today a movie about Anne Frank; check the details

Ana Frank She was a very important character in universal history, more precisely during World War II, due to the diary she left as evidence of an important part of her life, while she was locked up for two years in the attic with her family. And now Netflix tells its story with a film that paints to be a success.

The title of the production is “My best friend Anne Frank” and has a duration of 1 hour and 43 minutes.

What is the Anne Frank movie on Netflix about?

“My best friend, Anne Frank” will be based on the real friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar. SPECIAL / NETFLIX

According to Netflix, “My best friend, Anne Frank” is based on the real friendship between Ana Frank Y Hannah Goslar, from the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam to their harrowing reunion in a concentration camp.

“My best friend, Anne Frank” stars Josephine Arendsen, Aiko Mila Breemsterboer Y Roeland Femhout, among others.

The friendship between the two young women took place in the middle of the Second World War and culminated in the Berger-Belsen concentration camp, when Ana died. Hannah Goslar is currently 93 years old. and lives in Kiryat Moshe, West Jerusalem.

When does “My best friend, Anne Frank” premiere?

The film directed by Ben Sombogaart —nominated for an Oscar for “Twin Sisters”— I know premieres this Tuesday, February 1 on Netflix.

The film was originally released in the Netherlands in September 2021.

If you want the platform to notify you when the movie is available, you can go to your service, search for the title of the movie and enable the option.

“The Diary of Anne Frank”, world heritage

The “Diary of Anne Frank”, one of the key documents from the time of the Holocaust, has been declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) World Heritage.

Ana Frank she dreamed of being a writer and thought of publishing her diary under the title “The Secret Annex”.

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt (central Germany) on June 12, 1929 in a Jewish family that in 1934 went to Holland fleeing from the Nazis.

In 1940 the Nazis invaded Holland and in 1942 they intensified the persecution of the Jewish population forcing the family to hide in a house in a backyard together with other persecuted where they remained for two years.

The diary begins on June 12, 1942, when Anne Frank turned 13 years old. “I hope I can trust you with everything that I have not been able to trust anyone“, says the first entry.

The last one is from August 1, 1944, three days before the Nazis discovered the hiding place and arrested the Frank family and the other Jews.

The newspaper stayed in Amsterdam and was kept by two employees of Otto Frank, Ana’s father, to whom they would give the annotations after the war.

Anne Frank died in March 1945. A few weeks later the Bergen Belsen concentration camp was liberated by the British.

Of the eight people who were detained in the Anne Frank house his father was the only one to survive captivity.



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