One phone call and Rs 13 lakh was blown away from the account, the merchant became a victim of cyber fraud in the name of bank KYC of bank KYC

Dantewada: Cybercrime has become a common thing in today’s hectic life. The incidents of cyber crime are increasing day by day. But this is the biggest incident of cyber crime in a small town like Bacheli of Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. In Bacheli, in the last 3 days, a case of fraud of 13 lakh rupees to a well-known businessman has come to the fore.

According to the police, Kirti Kumar Chitalia, the owner of the local Star Petrol Pump in Thana Bacheli area, received a message from a fake SBI bank on Wednesday, 26 January at around 4 pm, asking an unknown mobile number to update KYC of SBI savings account. Told to get in touch.

The applicant contacted on the above number, after which the merchant asked for Aadhaar card number and online banking ID in the name of updating KYC. Then what? Kirti Chitalia, in her ignorance, told the OTP number to the swindler not once or twice.

After telling the number, the thug talked about updating the account while talking, after which the message of the transaction stopped coming. On the second day on Thursday, after reaching the State Bank of India branch in Bacheli and inquired about his account, it was found that in about 3 days, 1275001 rupees have been withdrawn in different transactions. Police has appealed to the people not to share OTP on bank accounts, mobiles etc. If necessary, read the messages in English carefully before sharing.

first published:Feb. 1, 2022, 9:50 p.m.


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