South Superstar Ravi Teja Lifestyle, Net Worth, Fees, Income, House

Ravi Teja Income, Fees, House, Net Worth: South Superstar Ravi Teja is not interested in any identity in the industry. Ravi Teja is active in the industry for the last 3 decades. During this, he has given more than one film. He started his film career in the year 1990. Ravi Teja Lifestyle today lives a very luxury lifestyle and is the owner of crores.

Ravi Teja made his first step in the film world with the South film Karthavayam. The initial journey of the actor has not been easy. In the early days of his career, many of Ravi Teja’s films have flopped continuously. Gradually, the career of the actor started sinking. But later his hard work and dedication worked and gradually Ravi Teja became a superstar from star. Today Ravi Teja is the owner of property worth crores.

Ravi Teja net worth

According to media reports, Ravi Teja charges 5 to 6 crores for doing a film. Actors earn around 12 to 13 crores in a year. Apart from Ravi Teja’s Imcom Source films, there is also an ad. The actor is the brand ambassador of many companies. According to the report, the net worth of Ravi Teja i.e. total assets is around Rs 121 crores.

Ravi Teja’s house

Ravi Teja has a luxurious bungalow in Jaggampeta, Andhra Pradesh, whose price is said to be around Rs 16 crore.

Ravi Teja Car Collection

Ravi Teja is also very fond of vehicles, which is why he has a good collection of expensive vehicles. His collection includes many luxury vehicles like Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes Benz S Class and BMW M6.

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