Tom Holland and Zendaya buy a house of 30 crores in London are going to spend 2 crores in its renovation | Report: Tom Holland and Zendaya bought a house of 30 crores in London, they are going to spend 2.5 crores in its renovation

About 2.5 crore rupees are going to be spent in the renovation of this house of Tom Holland. This house will also have high tech security, a gym, cinema hall and a man cave.

Tom Holland and Zendaya (Photo – Social Media)

Hollywood’s shining star Tom Holland (Tom HollandLast year was a wonderful one. His film ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ (Spider-Man : No Way Home) has earned a bang at the box office. After this film, there has been a huge jump in Tom’s identity and career. At the same time, his personal life is also going very well. She is nowadays her previous film co-star Zendaya (zendaya) are dating. The news of the relationship between the two was going on for a long time, which both of them confirmed. Now the news is that together they have bought a house in London. He has taken this house at a cost of 30 crores. The most surprising thing is that he is going to spend about 2.5 crores in the renovation of this house. These news are currently going on in many media reports.

Crores will be spent in the renovation of the house

Hindustan Times It has been told in the report that this couple has spent a lot of money for this house. Even in its renovation, he does not want to leave any stone unturned. That’s why a good amount of money is being invested there as well. According to the report of the British publication, both of them have taken the keys of the house. Tom already has a home in town while Zendaya has a mansion in Los Angeles. According to the report, this house is of 6 bedrooms and it is in Richmond. One of his close neighbors is also there.

Tom will take special care of home security

It has also been told in the same report that this couple is going to spend about 2.5 crores in this house renovation. This house will also have high tech security, a gym, a cinema hall and a man cave. A newspaper source has claimed that Tom is confident about the security of this house. A steel gate of 8 feet will be installed here. He is all set for man cave and cinema.

Tom’s film ‘Spiderman’ has earned a record break

Let us tell you that his film ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ has been released all over the world on 17th December and just a day before on 16th November in India. Tom Holland is in the lead role in this film. His girlfriend Zendaya is also in this film, who is also seen in the role of his girlfriend in the film. Dr. Strange is also going to be seen in this film of Tom. It is they who implicate him in this trouble and then he also brings him out of this trouble. This film has also been released in India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The film has earned around 200 crores at the box office. It has reached the sixth place among the highest-grossing films of all time.

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