Veteran Actress Rekha Still Looks Young And Beautiful Know Her Ageless Beauty Secrets

Secret behind Rekha’s ageless beautyWho is not crazy about the beauty of famous actress Rekha? She is as beautiful as she is a great actress. Even at the age of 67, there is no break in her beauty (Rekha Beauty). It is difficult to guess his age by looking at his flawless skin. Somewhere everyone wants to know what is the secret of their beauty. Let’s know about this again..

keeps the body hydrated
Seeing Rekha, it seems that I do not know what she would be doing for her radiant skin. But actually she keeps her skin and body hydrated by drinking water. It is said that 3 liters of water throughout the day keeps the body toxins free. In such a situation, Rekha also follows this rule.

use of aromatherapy
Aroma therapy keeps Rekha’s skin soft and smooth. Rekha uses essential oils on her skin. Due to this, the balance of oil production in their skin remains.

essentials before sleeping
Rekha never goes to sleep without taking off her makeup. Before relaxing herself, she takes care of the relaxation of her skin.

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Follows CTM routine
Rekha takes great care of CTM i.e. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing for her skin.

care of diet
Apart from this, Rekha stays far away from fried things and overcooked food. She relaxes the body by having dinner at 8 o’clock every night and takes full sleep.

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