Vidrohi Spoiler: Understanding Kalyani will express love in front of Radhamani, it will be a deep shock

Mumbai. The TV serial ‘Brodhi’ based on the historical story is one of the favorite shows of the audience. Let us tell you what you are going to see in tonight’s episode. Kalyani and Bakshi Jagabandhu return to their palace after thwarting the plot of Bhima Chacha and Fletcher. Both express their feelings to each other. But Jagabandhu reminds Kalyani that together the two had convinced Radhamani that their marriage was nothing but a treaty. Hearing this, Kalyani also gets a little distracted and leaves the house leaving a letter in the name of Bakshi with her.

Here Radhamani’s mother Panthara Devi gets that letter and she is happy to know that Kalyani has left the house. It is Panthara who informs everyone in the house that Kalyani has left the house. Hearing this, both Suvarna and Bakshi get upset. Not only this, Jagbandhu immediately sets out to find Kalyani, but she is nowhere to be found.

How will you meet, because she has gone to bring Radhamani back home. Radhamani is a little annoyed on seeing Kalyani, but agrees to his persuasion and agrees to move along. Here Jagbandhu forgets everything and starts searching for Kalyani. Now further you will get to see that Radhamani talks about giving one more chance to her and Kalyani’s relationship and says to forget the bitterness in their relationship.

On the other hand, she prepares for the arrival of her husband and Bakshi Jagabandhu in her room. Just then, Bakshi enters the room looking for Kalyani and starts speaking his heart out. They say in talks that they had suppressed their feelings for a long time, they too have started falling in love, but later they take the name of Kalyani. Due to the darkness in the room, Radhamani overhears all this, after which she is deeply shocked.

first published:Feb. 1, 2022, 5 p.m.


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