Germán Ortega claims to have had close encounters with UFOs

Germán and Freddy Ortega share being very perceptive before supernatural facts, now confess to having had close encounters with unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs. Facts that have marked them twice in life in an impressive way.

“Yes we have had close encounters, very close, I I have recorded videos in Brazil, he yelled at the band Get out, get out! and no one fought me, I spoke to Freddy, he came and saw him, they were far away then they got closer, there were two, two like towers from which something like wax was falling, they came very close to the hotel and left,” recalled Germán Ortega last Sunday, during the premiere of his brother in the musical “The Prom”, at the Teatro II Cultural Center.

“We saw two, I had one up here, like this amber light, it was night”

“We saw two (UFOs), I had one up here, like this amber light, it was night,” Germán said.

That was not the only time they saw something, but in Puebla they also had to witness this type of object.

Freddy Ortega also says that he has supernatural experiences with his grandmother, so the brothers are very believers and respectful of this type of events.



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