Krushna Abhishek Comedy In The Kapil Sharma Show Know Why Krushna Abhishek As Jackie Shroff Asked Terence Lewis For Nora Fatehi’s Number

Krushna Abhishek Comedy Video: You are aware of the comedy of Krishna Abhishek. Even if he gets to play any character, Krishna meets every criterion. Be it Nalasopara’s dream, Bollywood actor Jeetendra or Dharmendra do wonders in every form, Krishna Abhishek and when it comes to Jaggu Dada i.e. Jackie Shroff, then what to say. The history of The Kapil Sharma Show is that whenever Krushna Abhishek came on stage as Jackie Shroff, people laughed and laughed.

Something similar happened even when the masters of dance had reached the show. Famous dance masters Ganesh Acharya, Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis came as guests in The Kapil Sharma Show and when these three are on the same stage, then there is bound to be fun and when Krishna comes on stage. Abhishek becomes icing on the gold. In this special episode, Krishna took Jackie Shroff’s getup and did his brilliant mimicry.

Nora Fatehi’s number sought from Terence Lewis
The fun doubled when Krushna Abhishek, who became Jackie’s grandfather, teased Terence Lewis and asked him for Nora Fatehi’s number. Now you must be thinking that what will Jaggu Dada do with Nora Fatehi’s number. We will not give you the answer, rather watch this video for that and get ready to laugh holding your stomach.

Krishna Abhishek’s answer in standup comedy is no and Krishna proves this right in every episode. He has been associated with this show for many years and has played different characters and his popularity is increasing continuously. Due to this skill, Krishna Abhishek has also traveled from TV to films.

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