Simon & The Astronauts Ft. Rachel Haden Get ‘Lost In London’ – Hollywood Life

Simon & The Astronauts Ft. Rachel Haden Get ‘Lost In London’ – Hollywood Life

There are plenty of love songs (probably too many, really), but how many songs are about falling for a city at first sight? The alluring curves of its architecture, the mythic landmarks, and secret locales? How many songs are about finally feeling at home? Whatever the number is, add “Lost In London” to the tally. The new track by Simon and the Astronauts Ft. Rachel Haden, premiering here on HollywoodLife, sees Rachel – a founding member of 90’s alternative rock band That Dog – tell a story about discovering “a different world” the first time she crossed the Atlantic. It’s a romantic ballad, a heartfelt tribute to a city where she feels at peace.

“One afternoon, I sat at Alexander Palace and looked over the city of London,” Simon Wells tells HollywoodLife. “I thought about the first time I came to this metropolis when I did not know anyone or anything. Going in search of the musical landmarks and icons that helped me escape from the mundane. Years later, I would return to London and make it my home and write this song that references the Beatles, the Clash, and The Kinks.”

“Lost In London” marks the final single before Simon and the Astronauts ft. Rachel Haden releases their self-titled record on LA-based Ring Records. (Click here to buy the vinyl). The UK collective — songwriters Simon Wells and Ben Hewerdine and producer/musician Chris Pepper – began working with Rachel following their debut EP, 2019’s The Entertainment Suite, and the self-titled LP they released later that year. When the trio started working on the follow-up, they knew they were missing that essential ingredient in the mix. Enter Rachel.

The four began working remotely, creating a transatlantic partnership that has resulted in a 12-pack of new songs for your alt-rock heart’s delight. Featuring the energetic wake-up call “I Have A Name” and the atmospheric six-stringer, “10 League Boots,” the LP promises to be one of your favorites of 2022. The album also features English musician Boo Hewerdine, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren, and the blessing of Rivers Cuomo, as the band got his permission to interpolate Weezer’s classic “Surf Wax America.” That alone should be why Simon and the Astronauts Featuring Rachel Haden is the first thing you listen to when the album hits streaming services on April 22.


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