He’s So ‘Genuine & Creative’ – Hollywood Life

He’s So ‘Genuine & Creative’ – Hollywood Life

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Y’know, the city of Tampa Bay may owe Zach King a debt of gratitude. After all, judging by the video the TikTok maestro posted on Thursday, it turns out that Tom Brady figured facing off against football linebackers is safer than spending his days on the golf course. In the video, Brady – sporting chic selections from Tom’s newly launched BRADY Golf collection – enlists Zach to caddy for him. The seven-time Super Bowl champion is puzzled when Zach hands him a wedge. “Shouldn’t I putt this?” asks Tom. “No, use the wedge. Trust me, it’s a trick shot,” says Zach. It is – emphasis on trick.


Think @Tom Brady will let me caddie for him again?

♬ Golfing Gone Wrong – Zach King

Tom takes a swing, and suddenly, he’s no longer living out his Caddyshack fantasies. Instead, Tom and Zach are recreating the rolling boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. While running for his life, a furious Tom shouts, “I’ll never trust you again!” That’s a very accurate statement from Tom because Zach isn’t so quick and gets demolished by the giant golf ball. This begs the question: does a flattened caddie constitute a one-stroke penalty or two?

While Tom may never call up Zach to join him for 18-holes, here’s hoping the two partner up again. After all, it was almost as fun to watch as it was for Zach to film it. “It was such a blast shooting with Tom,” Zach tells HollywoodLife. “I mean, the guy is so genuine and creative. Of course, so many people know him for his incredible football career, but it was fun to make a video that showed him out on the golf course, showing off a putting green trick shot.”

(Courtesy of BRADY Golf)
(Courtesy of BRADY Golf)

While showcasing Zach’s impeccable skills as an online wizard, this new video also gives fans a look at Tom’s new golf line. Both Zach and Tom are wearing pieces from the collection in the video, proving that you can be fashionable and comfortable when making that putt (or when feeling from a giant boulder). Previously, BRADY GOLF enlisted legendary video maestro Hype Williams to direct and shoot a new campaign featuring golf prodigies Cole Hammer and Michael Brennen.

(Courtesy of BRADY Golf)

Zach is on his way to becoming the GOAT of TikTok. Currently the third-most followed account on the platform, Zach’s use of special effects and dazzlingly perspective have made him one of the brightest and most brilliant creators online. He’s also expanded his skills beyond the clock app, releasing a trilogy of books –Zach King: My Magical Life, Zach King: The Magical Mix-Up, and Zach King: Mirror Magic – and creating King Studios. With his production company, he’s partnered with Disney, Apple, Nike, and Amazon, to name a few.



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