Why Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Devin Booker Won’t Attend The Met Gala – Hollywood Life

Why Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Devin Booker Won’t Attend The Met Gala – Hollywood Life

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It looks like Kendall Jenner will be walking the infamous steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art alone at the 2022 Met Gala. A source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that the 26-year-old model’s boyfriend of two years, Devin Booker, 25, will likely not join her at the star-studded event to make their red carpet debut. The news comes as Devin recovers from some injuries during his sixth season with the Phoenix Suns.

“As much as Devin would love to be there to support Kendall at the Met Gala, don’t expect him to make an appearance,” the insider noted. “Right now, Devin is dealing with a hamstring strain which he suffered last week, so he’s been forced to sit out the past few playoff games.” The Suns are scheduled to play on April 28 and April 30, but the source said it could be one to two weeks before Devin finds himself back on the court.

Devin Booker Kendall Jenner
Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner pose at the 2022 Super Bowl (Photo: John Angelillo/UPI/Shutterstock)

Even if Devin was in good health, the KarJenner source revealed he probably wouldn’t attend the Met Gala anyway. “When it comes down to it, Kendall feels like one of the major reasons that she and Devin have worked so well is because of the fact that they’re both very private when it comes to their relationship,” the source explained. “Kendall has seen her sisters deal with the consequences of having their romantic lives out in the spotlight, and that’s the furthest thing from what she wants for herself. Neither one of them feel the need to put things out there in the public just to have it criticized.”

Kendall and Devin are notoriously private with their relationship and have only given fans a few glimpses into their lives. In fact, it took them nearly a year of dating to go Instagram official, which occurred when Kendall posted a sweet tribute to him on Valentine’s Day 2021. Before that, they had fans doing detective work when they posted nearly identical photos from the Arizona mountains just days apart. Neither one was included in the other’s snaps, but from the look of it, they were spending the time together. They also haven’t completely avoided the paparazzi, as they’ve been spotted out and about several times and Kendall has been photographed supporting Devin from the sidelines.

Kendall Jenner Met Gala 2021
Kendall Jenner poses at the 2021 Met Gala (Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Luckily for fans, Devin did touch on his very private life with Kendall in March 2022 in response to a question about navigating fame. “Honestly, I’m enjoying life to the fullest, and that came off my tongue so easily because it wasn’t always this way, but I feel like I’m in a good place right now,” he told WSJ. Magazine’s “My Monday Morning” series. He added, “I love my family, I love the people around me, and I love the impact that I get to have on this world, the younger generation under me, and the kids who look up to me.”



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