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Before & After Face Photos – Hollywood Life

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Danica Patrick is taking control of her own health, and the former pro racecar driver recently took to Instagram to share that she had her breast implants removed — and her health immediately improved! Danica, 40, posted side-by-side before and after photos of her face looking much healthier following the removal of silicone implants. After admitting if she wasn’t sure if she was “ready” to share details of the experience, Danica delved into her problems with breast implants and why she removed them in a lengthy April 29 post.

“I got breast implants November of 2014,” the gorgeous NASCAR great captioned the post. “I got them because I want to have it all. I was really fit, but I didn’t have boobs. So I got them. Everything went well, and I was happy with them.” But, she explained, it wasn’t long before things began to go wrong, with her hair “breaking off” and unexplained weight gain in 2018, and by late 2020, the “wheels came off.”

“I had cycle irregularity, gained more weight, my hair wasn’t looking healthy at all and my face was a different shape (weird I know),” the stunning champion driver continued. “So I went down the rabbit hole to figure it out. I did every test that could be done.” Danica found a laundry list of health issues, including hypothyroidism, dry skin, heavy metal toxicity, low estrogen, hair loss, and adrenal fatigue, she claimed in the post. She determined that it was time to remove her breast implants, and Danica says the results to her overall health are already dramatic.

Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick appears at a premiere in New York on Dec 5, 2021. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

“I had them removed on Wednesday,” she said in the post. “The picture is a snap shot of a couple hours before and a couple hours after. Within hours after surgery this is what I noticed – my face had more color and less dark circles (no food before the second pic), my face started producing oil again, I could take a 30% deeper breath into my chest already, and I had so much energy when I woke up,” she wrote in part.

The former Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year completed the revealing post with a promise to continue sharing details and updates and explaining why she decided to get personal about her medical journey. “My belief is, it’s not if but when you develop symptoms,” she wrote. “Some are right away, others are over 15 years later. Silicone is a foreign object and leaches chemicals.” She ended her message with a heartfelt conclusion. “If this post helps just one get to the root of their issues, it did its job. I will share my progress as I go along.” 



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