Zoe Zobrist’s ‘Better’ Shows You How To Heal Past Regrets: Listen – Hollywood Life

Zoe Zobrist’s ‘Better’ Shows You How To Heal Past Regrets: Listen – Hollywood Life

Regrets happen. As one goes through life, it’s impossible to not experience those emotional nicks and scrapes that come with the whole process of being alive. It’s easy to amass a collection of scars, both mental and physical, but Zoe Zobrist is here to remind you that it’s okay to leave these regrets – and those who continue to make you feel that way — in the past. In “Better,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, the Dallas-native weaves a poignant tale about how she “should’ve known better” about certain things and certain people.

“As soon as my hands let go,” she sings towards the end of the song. “Of all of the strings I tied to keep me / Somewhere I thought was home / You’re not a friend to me / Yeah I know better.” Zoe’s track showcases her heartfelt songwriting talents. With a dreamy production paired with Zoe’s vocals creates the feel of a memory. Zoe looks back on the immutable moments in her life, only to realize what she can change.

“‘Better’ is a diary-like, coming of age expression of the realization that some things in life aren’t what you expected them to be,” Zoe shares with HollywoodLife. “It’s about healing. It’s about letting go and moving on.”

Zoe’s career keeps rolling on as “Better” arrives on the heels of “Oh, Baby,” the song written for her yet-to-be-born son, Beau. Both “Oh, Baby” and “Better” show Zoe as a musician who plays from the heart, someone unafraid to share her highs and lows in vulnerable ways that resonate with listeners everywhere. “Better” also marks her first song of 2022, with “Oh, Baby” and “Fade Away” filling her 2021, while 2020 saw Zoe release “Fire, “All My Friends Are Dead,” and “Who You Gonna Be?”

If she keeps doing this, Zoe is going to be your favorite indie-folk songwriter. The Texan songstress has been hard at work, performing on stages across the land – from The Viper Room in L.A. to Dallas Forth Worth’s Six Flags Amphitheater. Along the way, she’s refined her sound by melding together all her interests and influences, creating enchanting and endearing music that promises to only get “better” with time.



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