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Facts About Racheal Stump – Hollywood Life

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Even though David Cook is one of the winners of American Idol, he’s mostly been able to live a private life since being on the show. David married his now-wife, Racheal Stump, in 2015, and she’s managed to keep herself mostly out of the spotlight throughout their relationship. On May 2, David will return to the Idol stage for an epic reunion, and we rounded up everything we know about his wife ahead of the big appearance!

When Did David Cook Get Married?

David and Racheal got married during the summer of 2015. Before they tied the knot, Racheal’s identity was a mystery, even though David had been in a long term relationship with her. News of David’s nuptials didn’t break until Oct. 2015 when he was spotted wearing a wedding ring at one of his concerts. At that time, Billboard confirmed that he had secretly gotten married months earlier. It is unclear exactly when David and Racheal started dating. Their wedding took place in Nashville on June 20, 2015.

david cook racheal stump
David Cook with his wife, Racheal Stump. (Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock)

Do David & Racheal Have Children?

After seven years of marriage, David and Racheal do not have any children. David has not publicly spoken about whether or not the two plan to have kids together.

Who Is Racheal Stump?

Very little is known about Racheal, as she has chosen to keep herself out of the public eye. David does not often post about his personal life on his social media page, so fans haven’t even really gotten a glimpse into his life with Racheal. Meanwhile, Racheal does not seem to have any public social media platforms of her own. She also rarely attends public events with David, and there are very few photos of them publicly available.

david cook
David Cook performing at a concert. (Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock)

Who Has David Cook Dated?

David was named the winner of American Idol in 2008. Ahead of the finale, he was interviewed on the red carpet by correspondent (and Idol alum), Kimberly Caldwell. Kimberly, who had been on season 2 of American Idol, accepted David’s offer of a dinner date, which he asked for while she was interviewing him. The two dated until the end of December 2008, and David described it as a “nice break from the chaos” amidst his hectic life after American Idol.



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