Juliette & Clark’s Video Together Freaks Sam OUt – Hollywood Life

Juliette & Clark’s Video Together Freaks Sam OUt – Hollywood Life

Things seem to be over for good between Juliette Porter and Sam Logan in this EXCLUSIVE look at the May 5 episode of Siesta Key. Sam gets a visit from Mike Vazquez, and reveals that he hooked up with Juliette right after she returned from Miami earlier that week. So, he’s hit hard when Mike shows him a video of Juliette with ANOTHER guy from that same day.

The man in question is Juliette’s now-boyfriend, Clark Drum. The footage shows her leaning her head on his shoulder while laying on the couch together. “Dude, that’s literally the exact same outfit she had on when she got to her condo,” Sam rants. “The day she got home, within literally 20 minutes we were hooking up with that same stupid pink outfit on.”

Juliette on the May 5 episode of ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

Earlier this season, Juliette got pissed at Sam for flaunting his relationship with a new girl, Meghan, on social media just DAYS after they broke up. Now, Sam is feeling the same way. “She’s doing the same thing I was doing with Meghan, just clearly hiding and lying about it,” he vents. Needless to say, Sam is pissed. “I feel so [expletive] stupid,” he says. “I feel like I don’t even know this girl anymore, honestly.”

Meanwhile, Juliette is having lunch with Mike’s girlfriend, Lexie Salameh, and has her own feelings about the situation. “I’m just done with Sam and I’m just ready to move on,” she tells Lexie. “I, like, forgot how annoying he was, you know? He just thinks he’s in the right all the time. I’m just over it. Why would you try to repair something that’s completely shattered? He honestly doesn’t even matter to me anymore. I’m done talking about Sam. I just want to go to LA, have fun, focus on JMP and see Madisson.”

In a voiceover, Juliette admits that she “shouldn’t have led Sam on.” However, she also insists that she had “no idea the video existed” or “how quickly it would all catch up” to her. Siesta Key airs on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.



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