‘He knew he was innocent’: David Milgaard’s lawyer remembers his fight fight for freedom

Friends and colleagues are remembering David Milgaard, a justice advocate who died over the weekend. The 69-year-old, who was wrongfully convicted of murder, spent 23 years in prison before his exoneration. In fighting for his own freedom, Milgaard became an advocate for the wrongfully convicted. “He knew he was innocent,” said David Asper, Milgaard’s friend […]

Artificial Intelligence reduces risk of non-payment

The prediction models carried out by Artificial Intelligence (AI), through the use of data, can reduce the risk of non-payment in credit. Tools such as big data and machine learning improve the ability to predict non-payment by 30% in the admission of new customers, according to a study by Experian. This report highlights that 80% […]

Survey suggests majority of Albertans think UCP should drop Kenney while only a slim majority trust the leadership review process

Breadcrumb Trail Links politics Jason Kenney speaks in Calgary on March 25, 2022. The Alberta premier, buffeted by party infighting and a contentious leadership review, is rejecting speculation he may call an early election as part of a last-ditch effort to maintain control. Photo by Jeff McIntosh /The Canadian Press Article content A new survey […]

A sustainable development award for Trois-Rivières

At the very moment when environmental opponents are trying to block the expansion of the 40-55 industrial park, the City of Trois-Rivières has won a prestigious award recognizing its merits in sustainable economic development. It was its efforts to recycle unused sites and to increase the density of industrial activity that attracted attention at the […]

Washington lifts a series of restrictions on Cuba

(Washington) The Biden administration announced Monday the light of a series of connections visiting Cuba, noting on the immigration procedures, the transfers of the Argentine and the air liaisons, a decision that promised to provoke a lot of debate. subject is politically sensitive aux États-Unis. Posted at 7:36 p.m. Aurelia END Agence France-Presse Cette annonce, […]

Drop the masks in the schools of Saguenay

The end of compulsory mask wearing was highlighted in several places over the weekend, but it was only this Monday morning that school and daycare staff were able to take advantage of this new freedom. In Saguenay, it was expected and desired for a long time. Even if some people remain fearful, in general, everyone […]

Ontario’s wild pig in the crosshairs

The network was started last year by wildlife officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Forestry and Northern Development (MNNFND) and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters [OFAH, Fédération des pêcheurs et chasseurs de l’Ontario, traduction libre]. This network has used dozens of surveillance cameras, volunteers and a hotline to prevent feral pigs from […]

Racist rule linked to Buffalo mass shooter ‘plagiarized’ parts of Christchurch mosque shooter, expert says

A researcher with the Program on Extremism at George Washington University said the document mentions the great replacement theory espoused by talk show hosts and right-wing politicians. BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – The 180-page speech attributed to a white supremacist accused of Saturday’s shooting of African-Americans at a Buffalo supermarket reads like an operational manual for […]

Lasting fatigue a symptom of long COVID, expert says

Many people who contracted COVID-19 during the sixth wave complained of lasting symptoms, sometimes known as long COVID, which Dr. Sohail Gandhi said can result in low energy or extreme fatigue. “That seems to be the biggest and most burdensome symptom of all,” said the Stayner physician and former president of the Ontario Medical Association. […]